Travel photographer in India, Sephi Bergerson in Tsomoriri

After more than 10 years as an advertising and commercial photographer, it became clear to me that something has to change. I wanted to travel but it was obvious that I didn’t want to leave advertising all together. I knew I’d miss the fun of working with a creative team and the excitement of working on a campaign.

However, as the advertising world is a lot about planning, strategy, markets, budgets, commercial approach, and indeed sometime a lot of fun, it cannot work without a constant stream of new ideas and outside influence in order to stay alive. What I needed was a new approach to my work. This is why I moved to India.

I’ve been based in India since 2002 where I travel extensively on assignments for various NGO’s, magazines and corporate clients, write my photo blog and work on long term book projects.

My work revolves mainly around the experience of travel and culture and I always try to balance my commercial shooting with personal work and photojournalism. It is how I create and develop a distinctive photographic language that combines my studio skills and my love for traveling and the lightness of a DSLR camera.

My commercial work has always influenced my personal projects that in turn helped me create new ideas that could be included into my new commercial work.  My style today is very straightforward and simple. I tend to create vivid, somewhat romantic images that have a ‘documentary’ look, but I also love a brief, as this is where I get an opportunity to explore and push myself further. This combination of different areas of photography keeps me going and helps me stay in love with my work.

I most definitely look forward to hearing from you . .

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