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A place at the end of the road

There is a place in India where the road ends. It isn’t even a proper road as the last six kilometers coming into the town are thick mud and you are unlucky enough to have to travel in the rainy season you’d have to walk these last six as no jeep will take you there. Beyond this little town in Bihar lies the flooded area of the Kosi river and the only way onwards is by boat.

Fire Ninjas and Off Camera Flash with PocketWizard

The good guys at PocketWizard were nice enough to send me some gear to play with and boy did I put it to work. I got the MiniTT1 a couple of FlexTT5 for Nikon as well as the The AC3 ZoneController. It seemed like an unbelievable radio triggers system that, not like infrared triggers, enables the user to use the system in full daylight or behind corners without direct view of the commander flash.

We have no budget for photos

“No budget” is a euphemism for “we think photographers are mugs”. This offensive interpretation can easily be verified by trying the phrase at your local restaurant, eg “I have no budget for dinner but I’d like to eat”. Adding a promise to tell all your friends where you ate will not deflect your head from the kerb as the manager throws you out.” Photographer Tony Sleep

Ganesh Chaturthi iPhonography

iPhonography again. Just a quick one with some iPhone shots from the Ganesh Chaturthi procession in Mumbai this last Sunday. I was with a small group of photographers that came for the workshop so did not really shoot so much, but I still managed to sneak in a few snaps. You must have already noticed […]