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Top 10 Blogs on Photography You Should Read

There is of course no shortage of photography-related material on the web but at times finding the really useful ones can be a tiring task. Here is a list of blogs from around the world that are worth your attention. I left a few incredible blogs out of this list simply because they are already featured on other winning lists while trying to include some that are not on any list but deserve to be.

Photography Will Never Be The Same Again

You might not realize it yet, but this is as big, or even bigger than the invention of the digital camera. In the pocket of your shirt or in the zipper of your bag lurks no less than the most inspiring and innovative imaging system in the history of photography. Under the innocent phone cover of your iPhone lies a powerful tool that is changing the way we work and think as photographers.

New iPhonography Tools

The iPhone camera is quickly moving to center stage and I am loving it. I have also just received a new camera strap from the good people at BlackRapid and can now carry my iPhone with me attached to the strap itself. Very convenient. I can’t wait for this camera to have a 12 megapixel […]