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This has been a very busy year for me in India and as the year comes to an end it is time to look back and see where it took me. This is also the very last time I am writing from New Delhi as a resident of this city. After nine years of living […]

Street Food of India, Femina magazine India Special, October 2010

Every city is a unique combination of tastes. And these are not served in air-conditioned restaurants, but on the street, where hungry citizens can grab a plate on the go. This is functional food, sold and eaten at a frenzied pace. And you really haven’t visited till you’ve tried these local favourites. You can’t leave […]

Our Big Fat Indian Album – Marie Claire Magazine, October 2009

No other country can compare with ours when it comes to sheer variety of wedding rituals. Religious, social and cultural, here’s a slice of Indian wedding pomp and splendour. Photographs by Sephi Bergerson. Text by Priyamvada Kowshik for Marie Clair (India, October 2009) The sights and smells, noise and fervour, pomp and grandeur, rites and […]

Books Review: Street Food Of India

Nilanjana S. Roy from OUTLOOK TRAVELER Magazine reviews my book Street Food of India ( I have a weakness for the half-plate — the ‘adha chai’ in a tiny kulhar, the half-portion of jhalmuri in a minuscule paper packet offered by some Calcutta vendors, the miniature dosa that would be slightly less than half a […]

The real taste of India

Half a page and some images form my book ‘Street Food of India’ in The Pioneer, New Delhi.

Something nice about Bread Pakora

Kumkum Dasgupta from the Hindustan Times had reviewed my book ‘Street Food of India’ this weekend. At least she had “found something nice to say about the humble bread pakora”, but she thinks “images of water carts with different angles take up space in places”! I thought that a list on names of different foods […]

The Chaat Show

A quick one today; Charmy Harikrishnan from the Indian Express samples some of Delhi

Q&A about my book in the Business Standard

Rrishi Raote from the Business Standard had published a short Q&A with me about my street food book and how it all started in today’s Business Standard. Thanks Rrishi :-) Jewels on the street Q&A with Sephi Bergerson Rrishi Raote / Business Standard New Delhi March 21, 2009, 0:37 IST

Street Food of India – book reviews

My book ‘Street Food of India’ came out in the right time when people are starting to realize that this phenomenon, so much a part of daily life in India, might not look the same way forever. For the people of India, street food is an every day thing, like the sacred cow that roams […]

An interview in ‘The Hindu’

I am sitting at an internet cafe in Rishikesh, taking a break from life for the weekend. My wife’s family are visiting for three weeks and we are taking them around to show them a little bit of India the way we know it. It is an interesting time to try and compare my life […]

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