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10 photographers who have influenced me over the years

Who are the most influential photographers of our time, and what makes a photographer influential? The other day someone asked photographers on Twitter to name 1 or 2 top of the classic photographers that they think one must get to know. My immediate reply was to ask why only 1 or 2, and then I thought […]

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Wine Country in South India

40 kilometers towards north of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, lies a region that has only recently come to the attention of the rest of the world. Today, it has risen as a rich wine producing area which was once known as Tipu Sultan’s and later, the British summer retreat. Nandi Hills is a […]

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Two simple maternity shots, and how I did it

My wife, Shefi, is in the last stages of pregnancy with our twins and is due any day now. We are of course super excited! Knowing that this is the last chance to take some pregnancy shots, I was planning to go out to the nature but the great outdoors is not so easy to […]

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Old Delhi Street Food Photo Workshop

In the last couple of weekends I took a small group of photographers to explore the street food of Old Delhi as a part of a project Dilli 6 organized by The Fuschia Tree. The workshop consisted of two gallery meetings and two photo walks in Old Delhi. We all met at Chandni Chowk metro […]

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Ten photo tips that can change the way you shoot

Now, more that ever, digital cameras have reduced the technical limits to producing high-quality images. Almost everyone who has a camera and a small amount of training can make satisfactory photographs. Yet, despite the ever-growing popularity of the medium, and the billions of photographs created all over the world on a daily basis, very few […]

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Shooting an Italian recipe book in Delhi in one day

If you go into a book store in India looking for a recipe book, you will find many books about the Indian kitchen and a few imported ones on foreign cuisine. An Indian made Italian recipe book is something a little out of the ordinary. Italian Khana, Ritu Dalmia’s ‘desi Italian cook book with a […]

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Ten Movies Every Photographer Should See

There are three sources of knowledge that are available to us in this world; perception, inference, and what is referred to in India as Vedas – the sacred texts. Perception, or first-hand experiences, are of course the best teachers. You put your hand in the fire and it is most likely that you will never […]

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Maharaja portrait photography in 21st century India

A new exhibition at the city palace museum in Udaipur explores the portraits of the Maharajas and their families taken by their personal photographers, but only a few people know that the same kind of photographers, although a dying breed, are still around in India using more or less the same techniques as in the […]

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Horn Please – Trucking in India

If you have ever been to India you must know what ‘Horn Please’ means as it is carefully written on the back of all the trucks in the subcontinent as an advice for the driver who intends to go past them. We thought this would make the perfect name for a book about Indian trucks. […]

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Street Food of India – book reviews

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My book ‘Street Food of India’ came out in the right time when people are starting to realize that this phenomenon, so much a part of daily life in India, might not look the same way forever. For the people of India, street food is an every day thing, like the sacred cow that roams […]

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Not all Slumdogs are Millionaires!

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So Slumdog Millionaire had won the Oscar and suddenly everyone is looking at India and the story of Dharavi slum comes out to light. For this reason alone maybe it is a good thing that this movie won, but will it do anything to help the children still living there? Dharavi slum had never looked […]

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Street Food of India – German Edition

After more than six years, out of which more than four years of shooting, practically almost since I first came to live in India, my book ‘Street Food of India’ is finally published. A hard cover, 192 pages coffee table album with 156 images, STREET FOOD OF INDIA is a stunning visual documentation of the […]

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Displaced in Orissa

‘Dispaced‘ is a project commissioned by the United Nations Developement Program (UNDP India) as part of the R&R (Resettlement & Rehabilitation) project in the state of Orissa in eastern India. With the growing Indian economy grows the demand for land for new commercial and industrial projects and with that comes the need to relocate entire […]

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‘ITALIAN KHANA – A Desi Italian Cook Book with Soul’ by Ritu Dalmia. Published by Random House India, July 2008 For some behind the scene of making the book  

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India’s shopping mall generation

With the new economy and the influence of globalization, a new generation is emerging in India. People who are more fashion conscious and are more aware of materialistic indulgence. They wear branded cloths, have mobile phones, go to clubs and have a completely new attitude that comes across in the way they walk, talk and […]

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Farewell to Dharavi slum

Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi, lies on prime property right in the middle of India’s financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay). It is home to more than a million people. Many are second-generation residents, whose parents moved in years ago. A city within a city, it is one unending stretch of narrow dirty lanes, open sewers and cramped […]

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Disabled children in Bangalore

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APD – ‘the Association for People with Disabilities’ runs a school for children with physical disabilities in Bangalore. The school caters to children with disabilities from varied socio-economic backgrounds. Children not only get to sharpen their academic skills, but also learn to manage their lives and work towards a brighter future. The images were used […]

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Polio eradication initiative in India

In remote villages and urban slums, an army of experts and committed volunteers is fighting what could be the final battle in an age-old war. The polio eradication campaign is the largest non-military, global enterprise ever. It involves dozens of organizations, scores of governments, thousands of health workers and millions of volunteers. In a world […]

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The Soup Book

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Soup Book / Hana Shaulov / Publisher: Kineret, Israel / Design: Studio Doron Edut / Styling & Photography: Sephi Bergerson

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The Cake Book

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Cake Book / Hana Shaulov / Publisher: Kineret / Design: Studio Doron Edut / Styling & Photography: Sephi Bergerson

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