Food Photography should make you Hungry

The way i see it, food photography should make you hungry. Anything else is simply not good enough! More than that, food photography is all about the food itself and not about styling. Think about it for a second and you’ll see how photographing food can suddenly become very simple. What I look at when […]

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Fried water bombs – Pani Puri on Chowpatti beach

Street food stalls on Chowpati beach in Mumbai offer a variety of favorite snacks like Bhel puri, Sev Puri and Pani puri. A man visiting Chowpatti beach just after sunset, enjoys Pani Puri, as the vendor looks on. Mumbai. August 2009 Children visiting Chowpatti beach just after sunset, enjoy Pani Puri, a favorite street food [...]
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A drive through Munar tea plantations in Kerala

While on assignment in Kerala I got lucky to visit the beautiful hill station of Mumar and it’s wonderful tea plantations. I wasn’t there to photograph the tea plantations, and it is a shame as it is so beautiful, but one cannot simply drive through Munar and not take pictures. Four hour drive from Cochin, […]

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Wine Country in South India

40 kilometers towards north of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, lies a region that has only recently come to the attention of the rest of the world. Today, it has risen as a rich wine producing area which was once known as Tipu Sultan’s and later, the British summer retreat. Nandi Hills is a […]

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Shooting an Italian recipe book in Delhi in one day

If you go into a book store in India looking for a recipe book, you will find many books about the Indian kitchen and a few imported ones on foreign cuisine. An Indian made Italian recipe book is something a little out of the ordinary. Italian Khana, Ritu Dalmia’s ‘desi Italian cook book with a […]

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Street Food of India – German Edition

After more than six years, out of which more than four years of shooting, practically almost since I first came to live in India, my book ‘Street Food of India’ is finally published. A hard cover, 192 pages coffee table album with 156 images, STREET FOOD OF INDIA is a stunning visual documentation of the […]

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‘ITALIAN KHANA – A Desi Italian Cook Book with Soul’ by Ritu Dalmia. Published by Random House India, July 2008 For some behind the scene of making the book  

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The Soup Book

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Soup Book / Hana Shaulov / Publisher: Kineret, Israel / Design: Studio Doron Edut / Styling & Photography: Sephi Bergerson

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The Cake Book

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Cake Book / Hana Shaulov / Publisher: Kineret / Design: Studio Doron Edut / Styling & Photography: Sephi Bergerson

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