Lost in Translation | Executive Portrait

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Mr. Peter Schuller is the global IT services director at McKinsey & Co. from Dusseldorf. He embodies what we could refer to as an ‘executive on the move’. He spends a large part of his life in transit between hotel rooms, the taxi to the nearest airport and the departure or arrival terminals.

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This has been a very busy year for me in India and as the year comes to an end it is time to look back and see where it took me. This is also the very last time I am writing from New Delhi as a resident of this city. After nine years of living […]

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Street Food of India – book reviews

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My book ‘Street Food of India’ came out in the right time when people are starting to realize that this phenomenon, so much a part of daily life in India, might not look the same way forever. For the people of India, street food is an every day thing, like the sacred cow that roams […]

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